Reply button is covered due to custom theme?

(Joseph Tucker) #1

Our users have complained and alerted us to a problem with the reply being covered when using the forums on a mobile device. In the below image [ 38 / 38 ] is obscuring the darker blue reply button.


  1. Is this a known issue?
  2. Is there way of changing configuration to avoid this problem?

(Daniela) #2

Do you have some custom CSS?

Entering the safe-mode and disabling the current theme the problem is solved

(Joseph Tucker) #3

I’m using no custom CSS and selecting the Light Theme. I can only replicate this issue on simulated iPhone 5/SE. What happens is the post counter will stop scrolling when it’s on top of the reply button.

(Joseph Tucker) #4

This forum has no post counter. How do I turn this off on my forums?

(Karl Romanowski) #5

This occurs when you have a custom header. That part of the UI is offset by the same height as your header height.

(Daniela) #6

Your RateBeer theme enabled by default is causing the problem.

Who created the theme? you should disable the theme temporarily so who made the changes can check where the problem is and fix it.

All Discourse forums have the post count.

(Joseph Tucker) #7

Thank you. I guess there is no way to fix this?

(Daniela) #8

Have you ever noticed that your hamburger menu can not be scrolling to the end on desktops?
It means that your users can access only a part of the categories listed and do not display either the link for the page /about nor the one for keyboard shortcuts.

You have to revisit the theme you are using, if you can not do it yourself or if the person who did it is no longer available you can always hire someone to do it for you by opening a topic on #marketplace.

(Joseph Tucker) #9

And by theme, you mean our custom header?

(Daniela) #10

Exactly :stuck_out_tongue: