Reply by Email not working for Private Messages

(Keith) #1

I’m a little stumped as to how to begin debugging this… The reply by mail feature is working wonderfully for public topics (at least I’ve had 100% success with it), but when attempting to use it for a private message “topic”, I can’t get a single message to post.

The emails are being received by the reply address, and seem to be formatted correctly. Is there anything within my control that would allow it to work for public topics but not private topics? Is this a known bug? Any guidance would be appreciated.

(Matt Palmer) #2

What’s your setup? What do the received/rejected tabs of Admin -> Emails contain?

(Keith) #3

I hate to say it, but I never noticed the Received / Rejected tabs in there. Unfortunately, they don’t yield a ton of evidence: Rejected is empty. Comparing received with the actual emails in my inbox doesn’t show any patterns that I’m making out beyond a general flakiness - I’d say about 60% of the messages are going through - only one that I can see as a direct / private message, but that invalidates my statement about it not working for private messages.

Here are my settings:

I’ve only just enabled the bottom option to log, so I don’t have anything useful in there yet.

(Keith) #4

Just want to bump this again in case anyone has any further insight - i’m somewhat stumped, so I’ve had to cut the reply by email feature for now.

(Matt Palmer) #5

What’s in the logs now you’ve enabled the mail processing logging?