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I would really love for my users to reply to Private messages and post replies to topics right from their inboxes!

I know, it reduces onsite participation but I have a user base that could be classified as “matured”.
They would easily appreciate just replying from their email if they receive any notification.

Yes, I also know that this setting is possible in the Email Settings page, but for the love of me, I tried and couldnt get it done.

In “reply by email address” setting, I have
But underneath, I am seeing:
Template for reply by email incoming email address, for example: %{reply_key} or replies+%{reply_key}

A hunch tells me this must be the source of my headache…now, what should I do?
Please help…thanks!

(Régis Hanol) #2

Have you read this topic?


Will take a look! Thanks!