Reply to a specific post via API


(cpk) #1

Hey all. I am attempting to reply to specific post in a topic thread. I can reply to topics, but can’t seem to reply to specific post numbers.

sample x-www-form-urlencoded data:

raw:reply to post id 98 with 20 chars

This successfully posts a reply to the topic thread, but doesn’t seem to show it as a reply within my web instance. I have tested this using the POSTMAN chrome app which successfully shows the post as a nested reply. Any insight would be a huge help. Thanks.

Edit: I AM including the api_key and api_username to the endpoint.

Reply to specific post don't display glyph via API
(Khoa Nguyen) #2

Did you send api key and api user?

(cpk) #3

Yes I did. Forgot to mention that. Will edit my post.


(Afonso Neto) #4

Same here! The reply is applied to topic thread but it doesn’t increment reply count to the post with id passed through reply_to_post_number parameter.

EDIT: My mistake, I was passing post id value as reply_to_post_number parameter, and not post_number itself. It worked now!

(Sung Kim) #5

Do you mean we should do?
raw:reply to post id 98 with 20 chars

(soufiane) #6

Hi guys !

I tried to do a call API to insert a reply to a specific post, but it’s not working and there is no documentation about this specific thing. Do you have some news or information based on the actual API ?

Many thanks !


Your answer is above, pass reply_to_post_number with the post number you wish to reply.