Reply to staged user goes to Hotmail Junk folder

(Tom Newsom) #1

What I did:

  1. Set up a new email account and category for mailing in as per this howto
  2. Used a Hotmail account to send an email to it
  3. The Topic was created in discourse
  4. I replied to it in discourse
  5. The reply email ended up in Hotmail’s Junk folder

I want to set up an incoming address for 3rd parties to contact our members, but it’s no use if the replies don’t come through. Maybe the issue here is that there so many addresses involved?

  1. - which is the outgoing address
  2. - which is the incoming address
  3. slmsdiscourse+%{reply_key} - which is the replyto
  4. - which is the per-category incoming

(Régis Hanol) #2

Can you PM me the raw version of the emails?

(Régis Hanol) #4

Can you try with this fix?

(Dean Taylor) #5

@Tom_Newsom On a slightly unrelated note…

You can clean up your branding here and stop the user from seeing "" even when you don’t have mail alias support ( with your mail server:

  1. Setup a subdomain
  2. Add additional domain to outgoing mail provider.
  3. Add “TXT” records for SPF / DKIM to provided by your outgoing mail provider.
  4. Setup a mail forwarder to forward * to
  5. Change reply to replies+%{reply_key}

(Tom Newsom) #6

Can do. Will have to wait a bit for an opportune moment to take the site down.

Cheers Dean - we’ll do that :slight_smile:

(Tom Newsom) #7

Appears to be working :slight_smile: