Replying to a private gruop post doesn't always set mode to tracking

(Carlo Kok) #1

Anyone else seen that for a private group post where the user isn’t actively watching/tracking a group (ie it’s set to Normal), when replying it doesnt’ change to Tracking, even though the user replied (And has the personal settings set to make it tracking for a reply)?

(cpradio) #2

If there user specifically set the state to Normal, it won’t change it to Tracking on their next reply. It will maintain the user set state.

If you have the Data Explorer plugin, you can run this query (change the topic_id) and if you see the user listed, they have manually set a tracking level on that topic.

SELECT * FROM topic_users WHERE topic_id = 377

(Carlo Kok) #3

Thanks. Ofc my colleague just set it manually. i’ll see if this ever shows again

(Carlo Kok) #4

Found another one. there’s an actual record of notification level “1” being set, but i’m pretty sure this was never set explicitly by my colleague.

It seems that having a group set to “Normal” will introduce this record, and it’s never changed to Tracking after that, even when replying.

(cpradio) #5

That could be an issue/bug with the Group Default notification work. I’ll have to defer to the Discourse Team on that.