Replying to welcome message does not notify staff members (bug?)

(Nordize) #1

I found 2 confirmed bugs since I first installed Discourse yesterday, maybe I get a trifecta? :smiley:

Using 1.8.0.beta8 (upgraded live from beta7). I invited a user, and they created and confirmed their account. Upon first login, they get the default welcome message, which at the end says:

(If you need to communicate with staff members as a new user, just reply to this message.)

This suggests that if the new user replies, then the staff members will be notified and will be able to communicate in that message chaing. However, that welcome message is owned by the predefined user system which does not have an email address, so nobody is notified or sees thereply.

The new user then cries (violently) at the lack of attention and blames Trump. We don’t want the former.

Perhaps the sender of the welcome message should befault to the first site admin (user_id:1, created upon installation)?

(cpradio) #2

You should probably change the site contact username Admin > Setting, to be one of the admins. That way an admin is truly notified.

(Nordize) #3

Couldn’t that be made the default upon installation, that is user_id:1 (which was created at installation time) instead of empty or “system”?

(Felix Freiberger) #4

I’m pretty sure that the installation wizard covers this – am I mistaken? :thinking:

(Nordize) #5

You mean the install wizard asked to input a username for the automated messages? No, I don’t recall it did. It wouldn’t be very useful even if it did since the admin user at that stage only knows of one account (his, just created) so the wizard might as well not ask the question and set that account automatically, which is what I was proposing above.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Slightly off topic, but this is something that’s come up a few times on different instances I’ve been staff on - is there a reason that automated messages still come from a single user? On at least 2 sites I’ve used we’d much prefer if we could instead have messages come from the staff, admin, or moderators group, so there isn’t one person dealing with (or not seeing) everything.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

This will not be an issue in 1.8 as new user welcome messages will come from discobot, which will refer people to the /about page if they wish to contact staff. We’re strongly moving away from having the automated welcome be considered any kind of human to respond to.

Remember that TL0 users can’t PM by default (for griefing and other security reasons), so you need a contact email (or contact page link) on your /about page. If new users have a problem, they should email you.

You can also of course edit the welcome message to be more explicit about any of this.

Use group messaging / name for `site contact username`
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #8

discobot solves the welcome message PM issue, but it does not solve all the other automatic PMs that can be received - like post hidden by flagging, blocked user, etc.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Those are more rare; having literally tens of thousands of “WELCOME!!” PMs attached to your account really, really sucks. It would also suck for a group.

Ask me how I know :wink:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #10

I know how you know :wink:.


I’m very interested in this. Can you tell me where to find what version of Discourse we are running?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

If you are a customer you are running 1.8; view source for specifics. We have not merged bot in quite yet but as previously mentioned it is live here and on