Report of another user's credentials preventing login to

(Brian Anderson) #1

Hi there.

I received the following report of weird behavior at

"I’m already learning Rust and excited to find the Rust Hack page Dive Into Rust - Activate Mozilla which leads me to where I try to sign on using Github and another user’s details are in there (yours @brson).

This means I can’t log in."

I can’t quite reproduce this behavior myself, though in a private window when I click “sign up” -> “github” I do see my own avatar, which seems suspicious (I am the admin of this site). I still seem to have the option of logging in as someone else though.

Is it possible the site is misconfigured in a confusing or buggy way?

(cpradio) #2

Nope, you are configured properly. It is simply informing the user they are about to give permission to an endpoint/credentials that you setup for

When clicking Signup with Github

When clicking Authorize Application

I think the user is just getting concerned that it states the application is under your GitHub username. Sites like Discourse and Sitepoint use an Enterprise Name/Account for their Authorization Applications on GitHub to make it sound like a Company is requesting permission instead of a specific user.

(Matt Palmer) #3

I also get a GIthub sign-in page with your avatar, @brson:

I agree with @cpradio, Github displays the requesting site owner’s details when getting authorization to feed Discourse a bunch of data. If the user is seeing something wildly different, we’d need to see a screenshot of what they’re seeing, and an exact set of steps to reproduce the problem in an isolated browing session.

(Brian Anderson) #4

Thanks for the feedback @cpradio and @mpalmer. From what you are both saying it sounds like seeing my avatar on sign up is correct. The original reporter has been alerted to this thread, so let’s see if they will give details about what they are seeing. I’m afraid I have no other information myself.

(Brian Anderson) #5

If I wanted to change that avatar to something more on-brand, without changing my own avatar, what do I need to reconfigure? Perhaps it involves setting the admin account to a special-purpose email address.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

That is a question for GitHub, not us.

(cpradio) #7

You would need to create a new GitHub account, example: RustLang, upload a custom avatar, and register your app with that account, then update the GitHub API key in Discourse accordingly.

(Brian Anderson) #8

Thanks for the advice @cpradio!