Reporting new Slow Queries / Performance


(Dean Taylor) #1

Continuing the discussion from Slow sql queries:

Considering part of this months Release 1.2 is performance
##SQL Query love?
I’m wondering if any of the slow SQL queries might get some love?

The main reasons I ask are:

  1. I know some queries are slow for me
  2. my users are reporting slow page load times on mobile.

I know that mobile is generally slower because of the known android issue - so I’m thinking improving query times where they are obviously slow will help. In addition improve the users perception of performance.

###What’s the best way of reporting slow queries?
One big “Slow sql queries” topic I think is probably not best.

It would be nice to see something to log slow queries and automatically run an explain checking CPU / memory? - with text easy to grab and post on meta to try and help improve reporting of these. Perhaps highlighting them if they are more than expected.

Perhaps set performance expectations for query results on a per query basis - expected 40ms, max 100ms - log automatically if outside of this range?

This could be a good early indication to some admins that there is an issue with the forum / site / server.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Android is so slow at Ember (client side JS) – literally, not figuratively, 3 to 10 times slower – that query time is basically irrelevant. Unless the queries in question are taking 30+ seconds.

That said, we are always looking to improve the worst offenders. It just will not help Android one iota.

(Dean Taylor) #3

For users not experiencing 30+ seconds of load time for the page but a 1-4 second load time ~200ms becomes a lot.

I’m not just talking about mobile - although those users are important - as studies show mobile users are more impatient and expect a faster experience.

And my Android experience isn’t cripplingly slow - so query times can have an impact.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The 6 second topic load time pictured in your bottom most video is under a second on an iPhone 6. Literally, no exaggeration, I just tested it in Private browsing mode.

That is how bad it is.

Now you see why I am raising so much hell over this issue.

(Sam Saffron) #5

It is really misguided to spend time shaving off 50ms off a server side query when you are suffering 9 second client side hole.

I am very much across the various perf holes on the topic list and topic pages, at this point in time vast majority of the work we need to do is client side.

(Dean Taylor) #6

I’ve always seen the Ember issue is big.

Sadly there is no fix from Google on the way any time soon - so it looks like it needs to be an Ember fix, as per this post on the bug today:

This however is a big project (several months)

Excellent stuff - great to hear.

For me I’m just looking for ways to improve the performance. I see a poor performance even on my desktop and that is what has driven me to here. I see the popup perf counters and think I should do something about this - currently there is no visibility of client side rendering time numbers.

(Sam Saffron) #7

This feels stale, closing we cleaned up a lot of slow sql

(Sam Saffron) #8