Request: Allow "Paste" of Passcodes

Noticed I can copy/paste Meeting ID’s but not passcodes.

Is this an “on purpose” IE evil butler or public computer thing passcode could get left behind in clipboard? Is that really such a big deal? Perhaps I’m insensitive to just how much damage can be done if someone sneaks into a meeting.

I hope most public computers are pretty careful to wash themselves between users. That’s certainly been my experience.

And in the evil butler scenario, the user would have a lot more to worry about. Heck, what’s wrong with changing the password for every meeting and announcing the change to the in-crowd? If you could copy and paste the passcode it would be a snap :slight_smile:

I’ve read the discourse rules but I’ve always wanted to say this and here is my chance. If I had a tagline it would be this: “The true test of any operating system is whether copy and paste always work as expected.”

I have yet to meet an operating system that passes the test.

Takle care always!

Discourse is not meeting software. Are you confused as to what site you’re on?


Related by not on exactly topic.

For decades even before the Internet there was Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V). Then with WYSIWYG and the HTML pages on the Internet, a copy might bring along the meta information such as the tags of an HTML page. So when the paste was done not only was the text pasted but the meta information. With Windows there is also (Ctrl-Shift-P) AKA Paste Special which can do a paste with just the plain text. So when (Ctrl-V) doesn’t does not work try (Ctrl-Shift-V). :grinning: