Request for more details on trust points and moderation

(Sam Houston) #1

Hi, I’m currently setting up my Discourse forum and I’d love to get some more information on the User Trust points and moderation. This is a [follow-up on @codinghorror’s post from 2013 about Flagging][1]

  • Jeff talks about flagged posts removing or adding trust to users. What does this mean? Is this a point system, and if so, can that point system be described in more detail? I’d like to know how many points people have at each trust level.
  • What happens if a user’s posts continue to be flagged or moderated? Is there an automatic suspension or banning that is triggered after a certain point?
  • Is there any way to suspend or temp ban users for XYZ hours/days?
  • When a post is moderated by a Mod/Admin, is that action categorized and logged in such a way to keep track of the reason for moderation?

Thank you for your help :blush: [1]: So What Exactly Happens when you "Flag"?

DRAFT: Flagging queue - General
(Lisa Wess) #2
  • Trust:
  • got to Site Settings and search for the word “flag” - you’ll find a bunch of settings with thresholds in there that you can change, for instance:

  • “flags required to hide post”

  • “num flags to block new user”

  • “num users to block new user”

  • Yes, you can temporarily suspend them for however you want an include a reason

  • Go here: /admin/users/username

  • Click Suspend

  • Get this screen:

  • System logs are kept here and I believe include that info - they definitely include deletions:

  • /admin/logs/staff_action_logs

(Sam Houston) #3

Awesome, thank you @lisajill :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Great answer @lisajill thanks for that!

This actually … was never implemented.

But we plan to, for users that keep having flags declined, their flags will start counting less and maybe turned off entirely. (versus defer or accept, defer does nothing, accept would increase trust)

DRAFT: Flagging queue - General
DRAFT: Flagging queue - General
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

Was this every implemented? I don’t see it in a release log…

DRAFT: Flagging queue - General
(Jeff Atwood) #6

No, it has not yet been implemented, because partially as you point out, the overall volume of flagging is so very low. In my experience this low flag volume is true on every Discourse instance I know of…