Required Fields at Registration and showing on user profiles

(Nigel) #1


I’m sorry I’m not technical and I’m stuck.

Context: I want to Discourse to enable my networking group to talk to each other offline in a nice private environment.

Requirements: I need Discourse to:

  1. Ask people to fill in their Organisation and Job Title when they first accept the invite (I’m created the custom fields)
  2. Show these fields on a user’s profile page
  3. In a perfect world, when they post a comment, it’d appear somewhere on their post.

Can you help me please?


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You can add custom fields and there is a “required at signup” option, so that’s easy.

Getting them to display with every post is a bit more complicated, and maybe less necessary than you think. Clicking on a user’s avator pops up info about them (though not custom fields, by default).