Reset password email

(Den Andreychuk) #1

I want to add a user name to the email. For example, I want to add Hi, Den Andreychuk at the beginning.
I did not find a list of all available keywords for mail. How can i do this?


You may find it in the below location



I think you’re after %{username}

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Note that this will only work if the substitution was already present in the mail somewhere, there is no list of master global substitutions we blindly apply to all emails. It is email specific.

(Den Andreychuk) #5

I found a bug. I Russified the password reset message for my community.

It works fine, but after I added %{username} at the beginning, the message was reset to the default.

I just want to add an appeal to the username so that the letters do not get spammed, and also make each message unique. I noticed that spongepowered definitely uses discourse. They have this feature.

Sponge reset password mail:

Someone from the team, explain to me how the mail works and how I can add this feature
@HAWK, @codinghorror any ideas?
P.S. Sorry if the text contains mistakes. I have basic knowledge of English.


Which template are you editing?

(Den Andreychuk) #7

I changed the password reset template


Right, so assuming you’re talking about user_notifications.forgot_password then you’re adding in a new variable, which you can’t do as per post #4

Sponge Powered are using SSO so that email isn’t coming from Discourse.

(Den Andreychuk) #9

Got it. Thanks for help.