Reset password not sending email


(Deron Jensen) #1


I have a PHPBB site that I run now, but Discourse looks much better. I setup a new Discourse site, but when I try to login as a new user, I try to “Reset my password”. But an e-mail is never sent. I am currently using SendGrid with an API key as my email system. The “Test Email” and “Invite Users” both work and sends e-mail. It does not appear to send the email at all. I watch port 2525 (the smtp for SendGrid) and nothing

Well, I am looking for any suggestions. Logs or anything that may prevent the email from being sent.

(Matt Palmer) #2

Hmm, that’s an interesting one. The places you want to go for logs are Admin -> Email -> Skipped and Admin -> Logs (and all subtabs, especially “Error Logs”). If there’s no indication of the e-mail in any of those, you’ve got a real stone whodunnit on your hands.

(Deron Jensen) #3

Thank Matt. I checked some of the logs, and there is not much interesting. I must say this Discourse is pretty nice. I did not use the Docker container for the install there was a Bitnami install on G Cloud. Maybe I will try the Docker version or try upgrading the version that was installed.

It shows me:
Version v1.7.4-dirty 1.8.0.beta9 Updates are available. Please upgrade!

Maybe that is worthwhile.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Aha. The Bitnami install was very old, last I knew, and not recommended.

Give the INSTALL-cloud a shot.

(Deron Jensen) #5

Thanks. Appreciate the help. The upgrade did not go so great. So I will the try the cloud install with Docker.

(Deron Jensen) #6

Yes. This is much better. Up and running in less than an hour.