Resizing VPS server

(Ron Shannon) #1

I’m running Discourse on a 2GB D.O. VPS, with db_shared_buffers: “256MB” and UNICORN_WORKERS: 3. If I want to downsize to a 1GB VPS, I’m wondering what changes are required to the app. If I stop the app, edit the previous parameters to “128MB” and 2 workers, then downsize the VPS to 1GB:

  1. will Discourse start OK after downsizing the VPS, or
  2. is there something else that should be adjusted, or
  3. will it not work at all for some other reason?

(Kane York) #2

You can’t downsize on Digital Ocean, I believe.

What you can do is:

  1. Take a backup of Discourse
  2. Destroy the droplet
  3. Recreate it with lower size
  4. Reinstall Discourse on the new one and restore the backup
  5. ./launcher restart app and you’re done

(Ron Shannon) #3

Thanks. You were very kind to not suggest I should strive to pose less silly questions. :flushed: I coulda sworn but… good I didn’t, because you are, of course, correct on the no downsize option. Duh.

The other intent of the query is/was, are those items runtime parameters that can be modified when the app is down, or are they baked into a bootstrap/rebuild? (Noobs are full of silly questions and I want to do my part!)