Responsive Banner Image (House Ads)

I might sound like a noob, but I fail to do this (I assume it is simple)?

  • Add a standard banner JPG-image advertisement at the bottom of each topic thread with a fixed aspect ratio, that resizes in width depending on screen, and that I can easily switch out when I get a new advertiser.

Any help is appreciated. Preferable a step by step list of what I should do if there are several steps involved. :slight_smile:

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I just answered another user, see this post:


If you need more “advanced” help, you just have to say it!

Thank you Juan! :smiley:
But I don’t understand the CSS part. Why do I need background and text colors when it is only jpg-images?

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If you dont set an image or the image doesn’t fit into the ad space (Even if you set a broken image), it will show the color in the background like this:


So it is like a safe background space? why use a big yellow background behind an image?

Its not important, just in case the picture fails to load, people see a nice yellow block hahaah but its not necesary

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