Restoring old Backup to Fresh installation - [Solution] - [Fixed]

So seems like my old Discourse saved backup as extension “.tar” - and somewhere i’ve readed here, once u rename your backup for example to same name but extension to > .tar.gz – It’s recognized by discourd admin panel, but always fail to EXTRACT it.

My real question, is there any solution to this? - i’ve tried couple things on my own, to manually make it but simply doesnt work. (What i want from that backup is only Threads/users/) basically the community that lived there.

What are my odds to achieve that? Thanks in advance!

That’s probably because you were out of disk space and it didn’t have room to compress it. Rather than renaming the .tar file, you need to gzip it, something like

gzip discourse-2017-10-13-073312-v20171003180951.tar


gzip *.tar

if you don’t like typing.


@pfaffman - thanks for fast response, i’ll try ti asap. Keep you updated!

btw i think the space is not problem since im on digitalocean using 20$/month. (40gb)

I’ll be damn. @pfaffman you should definetly be proud of youself! Thanks alot! - Buy yourself a beer! :wink:


Even better, buy Jay’s awesome and very reasonably priced services at :wink: