Restrict category based on age?

(Kyle Boyce) #1

Ask user their age on signup to allow restrictions based on age?

This would be great. Are there plugins for this?

(Muhlis C) #2

I’m afraid there is no plugin for your use case.

(Azareal) #3

I’m not sure this is even that useful, as someone can just lie about their age. Kids do it all the time, these days.

They might even plop in a high age on reflex, if prompted for their age, as they will assume that the software will reject their registration, if the age they put in is too low.

(Daniela) #4

It would be interesting as a category setting.
For example Discord send you a warning the first time you click on particular channels:

The setting could be extended to those categories that administrators think is only accessible to users of a certain age, regardless of the subject matter.
For example, in the “political elections” category an administrator may only want access to people who are of age to vote (in Italy 18 and 21 years old)

Not least a warning can often protect you from legal consequences.

(Azareal) #5

NSFW warnings are similar, but distinct features, but yes, that may be a good idea.

People can still sue you, even with category-level restrictions. To completely cover yourself, you would have to stop under 13s from registering on the site at all.

And I don’t see why you can’t discuss politics, if you’re under 18. Sure, they can’t vote, but they might have an opinion on it.

(Daniela) #6

Every Discourse site have this advice in their privacy policy:

Of course, you can not ask for the identity card for the subscribers

It was just an example. :slight_smile: