Restrict user profile?

I used the search…

I’m seeking a way to restrict users from filling out their profile until approved or maybe until they post in the welcome area so they can be looked over,

I simply don’t want to become a backlink site for other industries not related to ours

Thank you!

All links in profiles are nofollow in any case, so there is no value in these links and no-one will see them if they are not participating in the community, so probably not worth bothering with? If anything they are wasting their time more than yours



Thats sweet, thank you for the enlightenment.

I would like to ask though,

Why do we have so much smut found when I run the data explorer

Traffic Sources

I picked that one to show as it was one of the less offensive titles,

I would like all the smut gone and not allow it at all, even if its no-follow it just doesn’t belong

any chance of easily stopping/removing it?

Thank you for the good laugh :grin:

What query did you run in the data explorer?

I’m asking because “Traffic Sources” are websites that links to your Discourse. Not the other way around.

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Standard built in

and this, I’m embarrassed to post

[redacted list of traffic sources]

Is after purging 295 users early this month, so somehow theres a lot of undesirable content affiliated with our domain

This has nothing to do with user profiles. Dodgy websites are linking to your Discourse and people are clicking on those links.

They could be linking to whatever site was on the IP address before.

I’ve used CSS to keep users who were not in a specific group to be able to put anything in their profile.

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It is a bit more nuanced than that:

  • New users at trust level zero do not get the privilege of having any links displayed as actual links in their profile.

  • our robots.txt excludes all user profiles from crawler indexing.

Searching for “profile spam” or “profile spammer” here also provides lots of context.


The account at the top is 9 hours old now and they had a link in their profile in the about me section,

I removed the “Web Site” link and can not report on that

You are not viewing the account as an anonymous user, but as a staff member. Try again in your browser’s incognito mode.


I have no such mode but trust what you’re saying :sunglasses:

If you are concerned about this issue or run a forum you should probably spend a few minutes to find your browser’s version of Chrome incognito mode. You should probably also switch to Chrome or Firefox; nifty developed use those browsers.


Thank you Jay!

I haven’t used incognito to know for certain but bet Opera’s private window is the version you mention, I use it often, many times in multiple tabs, each unaffected by the other :sunglasses:

And I am concerned about this issue and hope the great team here gets it figured out, the searches I did didn’t seem to reveal/offer a fix.

Thanks again


Yes! Private window must be it!

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