Results missing from search due to 1 result per topic limitation

These search results

do not include the post I was looking for

This is by design. We restrict the search results to 1 result per topic:

Is already included …

Note @rlauriston strong recommend you upload some logos on food talk central, the sketchy logo is sketchy…


Ah, OK. “favorite pizza” @robert finds the post.

Oh, that explains some things! Can this somehow be made more transparent to the user? For example by changing the top of the results list to something like “X results for (showing one post per topic)”?

Could this be a site setting so the site owner can set how many results will appear max from each topic, rather than being hard coded to 1? I could see 2 or 3 being useful in some cases.

Alternately advanced search could expose this somehow in the GUI?

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It’s a change we could make, but it is not a trivial change at all, would require quite a bit of internal redesign to allow for this. Gut estimate, 2-3 days to get this working perfect and be configurable.


Eh, fine to defer for now. But I too was not aware of this “only 1 result per topic will ever be returned” search rule.

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If @dmacjam can swing infinite loading (or at least the ability to at least get at a few hundred results as opposed to only 50) then we could probably just junk the “aggregate” search code.


Might that not lead to one or a few topics dominating the top of the search results in some cases?

Possibly, yeah there is no easy answer here, we could push dupes to the end I guess.

I think the quick fix is to let users know what search results they’re seeing, but infinite loading is certainly worth a try. Maybe here on meta, to see what it does in practice?

Adding more confusing needs-to-be-read-and-interpreted text to a page does not make it better for users, so that’s no “quick fix” for anything.

Does nothing to solve the OP though cause in his case he had 8 results and a few dupes in a topic were missing.

There is no simple solution here.

Search, reorganize results with magic algorithm that pushes topic dupes to the end may help. But the edge case of more than 50 non-aggregate results just kills you anyway.

I am just deferring on this for now… other :blowfish: to :sushi: