Retroactive effects of preferences?

(Julien Gourdon) #1

Hi all, I don’t quite know where this post belongs to. Maybe bug? At least there’s something I don’t understand.

When I change this setting in my preference panel:


Automatically track topics I enter"

Then the number of unread items changes. As some short topics can be read in less than 30s, I want this setting to be put to “always”. Then the number of unread items switch to several hundreds. And there is no “read all options”… this is like discourse remember how long I spent on each topic.
I don’t want to track topics I entered in the past, I want to track topics I enter beginning now. Am I missing something? Is this a desired behaviour?

P.S.: I am unable to make only one part of a word bold (or italic without the extra stars…) Is this normal?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You have a good point. We always remember history here, but that means after a few weeks or months, you effectively cannot change new topic pref setting because it has become a huge explosive land mine, there is no way to change this pref without getting dozens or hundreds of unread topics as soon as you do!

I think we should change this pref behavior @sam so that it marks all the old topics unread when you switch it state on it.

Otherwise you really can’t ever change it…

(Julien Gourdon) #3

I switched to “Never” and my Unread counter went to zero. If it were permanent, it could be a good way to have a “mark all as read” button.
But my New counter did not decrease. Still struggling to understand really what is happening.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

@sam made it a while ago so that the total “backlog” of new topics or previously entered topics is capped at either 500 or 1000.

This can happen if you join a community that is fairly busy, then years later you…

  • switch your definition of “new” to “until I enter the topic”, and thousands of topics you have not entered exist, they are all suddenly new to you


  • change tracking to “every topic I entered” and you have entered thousands of topics, they are all suddenly tracked

There is always that implicit cap of join date of course.