Revoking access to single category


I’ve noticed that there is a category in my forum where some users simply don’t seem to be able to remain polite. So, I’ve decided that it is necessary to revoke access manually to that category from those users.

Is it possible to do this? Can I simply give permission for everyone to see, reply and create and then add another rule for this new group (bannedfromcategory) to only be able to see (not reply or create)?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes as long as they are in the right group and the category permissions are set correctly.

(Steve Combs) #3

Meaning I believe this would require 2 custom groups for

  • Everyone minus BannedFromCategory users
  • BannedFromCategory users


@codinhorror, it seems my question is how to set rights properly. Can I simply do (rights list):

  • everyone see, create, reply
  • BannedFromCategory see

Or do I have to do it how @scombs proposes? Actually this is more elegant:

  • everyone see
  • NotBanned see, reply, create