Revoking discourse.setup bot as admin

Hi there Folks,

I recently became admin of the endmyopia discourse forum. In the listing of the “Staff” it still showed the discourse.setup bot. I revoked the admin rights but after that we weren’t able to sign up new members or run system upgrades. This might be a coincidence of course, but I would like some more background on this.

Can discourse.setup be revoked as admin and if so, how do we do it without wrecking the systems functionality?
If not, can discourse.setup be hidden from the staff listing? This is mainly for esthetic purposes of course, but someone in our forum could pm this bot and it would get relayed to

Thanks for having me here and developing this amazing forum platform.

I’ve never heard of the discourse.setup bot, I know of discobot and the system account, which are both admins, but discourse.setup is new. Are you sure this isn’t part of a custom plugin or similar?

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Could very well be, I didn’t set up this forum so I’m not sure. I’m hoping the devs here do recognize this bot. In this forum there is no such bot present.

That email address certainly isn’t part of any ‘official’ Discourse account. The account must have been created by whoever set up your forum.

This is very unusual. I would suggest trying again, in case it was a coincidence. If it happens again, maybe you have an unusual plugin installed?

Just took a look at your site.your have a weird custom ‘pass a quiz before joining the forum’ thing going on. That bot account is probably what makes the api calls when a test is passed.

As a guess, forum is:

  • invite only
  • bot has admin access, and generates an invite when someone completes the quiz satisfactorily

Not really a plugin, but you’ll need to keep the account as long as you keep the quiz. I’d also his that whomever set this up crates a custom gmail account. Perhaps contact them, and try to get access to it? (The discourse.setup@gmail thingy)


Thank you very much @Sailsman63,

You might be spot on. We have an entrance quiz and upon successful completion access is granted to the forum. We can’t of course get rid of this bot because it has to be able to grant access rights to the new members.

Do any of you guys know of a way to hide an admin from the staff listing?