Right slide menu bug?

Sometimes holding (right click) post timestamp does this.

Especially after collapsing right slide menu.

That’s… how it’s supposed to work? Tap and hold brings up that native menu. I would expect that to happen.

No. I mean right slide menu isn’t supposed to appear only by tap and hold (unless I’m wrong).

I mean the menu on the back.


I can’t repro this on Android.

I got it to happen once - after opening and closing the notifications then long-pressing the timestamp, but couldn’t do so again.

It probably has to do with the “drag from the right side of the screen to bring in the notifications menu” action.

@OrcaFrost: do you have a consistent set of steps to repro?

Weird it is doing it consistently for me.

My steps:
Visit topic
Drag menu open sliding it from right to left
Slide it closed
Scroll down
Press and hold a timestamp
Menu flickers open and native menu appears

On a Samsung Galaxy S7


Just retested in this forum. Even doing it immediately after visiting a topic works.

Right thumb, timestamp is placed right in the middle of the tapped area

Asus Zenfone 3 (oreo)