Rights to the "Solved" action



Is there a way to grant admins and official moderators the rights to tag old discussions as SOLVED?
Currently, the discussion post can only be tagged as “Solved” by the author.

The majority of the questions posted in our discourse discussion board are not power users and they fail to tag their posts as solved. It would be really helpful to to allow grant admins and approved moderators the power to revisit discussions and mark them solved where appropriate.


(cpradio) #2

Does it already do this? Based on the config locale “Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution”

Seems both the topic owner and staff can mark a post as solved.



I do not see that option for the Solved plugin. All that is offered is …


(cpradio) #4

I think it is built in. It will automatically permit Staff to also mark topics as solved. Are you not seeing that on your topics and topics of others?


Correction!! … I DO see it for Admins but it looks like one can not assign that power to a specified group/s such as those in our official “Moderators” group.

For our discussion board, there are only a few administrators but a good number of “Moderators” that help keep the discussions flowing.

Is this a feature request?

(cpradio) #6

Except based on what I’m seeing, Moderators (those who have Moderator = true in the Admin > Users area), are able to mark topics as solved (as it is covered in the is_staff? check below).

I actually just proved this in my dev instance. Moderators can solve a topic, they may have to click on the button to see it though (on the given post).

(cpradio) #8

Possibly, but Admin != Moderator in Discourse, Moderators can’t do all the things Admins can… so depending on what you have them doing… it may not be much more than actually marking those users as Moderator = true.


Sorry… I removed my post at the same time as your reply.

Thanks for all the info. I will investigate the Moderator setting for specified users.

Good stuff!


Interesting … I can not mark this discussion as “Solved” … hm?

(Régis Hanol) #11

It’s only enabled for the support and bug categories :wink: