RSS feed of all posts in a category?

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Forgive me, I’m just a user of a site that uses Discourse and have a question that my site administrators don’t seem able to answer. The site offers RSS feeds of Latest Topics and Latest Posts for the whole site and also Latest Topic Of A Category, but no feed for Latest Posts Of A Category. Is this possible? It’s a restaurant talk site and uses categories as cities, so Latest Post of everything is too much volume, and Latest Topic of City shows a question, but not a conversation (which might be very long lived).

I saw that Discourse 1.4 added “Latest posts RSS feed” so I’m guessing a global one was added but not a per category one. Any chance this could happen? I’m a programmer, but not a ruby/rails one but might take a crack at it if given a little direction. Thanks.

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Hi hmelman, welcome to the forum

But there is eg.

In fact you will find that many if not most pages do have rss views (try appending “.rss” to the URL)
* you can also try appending “.json” to the URL to see what Discourse sends out

AFAIK currently there is not a way to get all posts in a category. But I think it might be possible with a plugin,

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Thanks for the reply. If I’m not mistaken, your example URL shows all the topics in the category support which is as I described it, “Latest Topic Of A Category” but not “Latest Posts Of A Category”

Here are the feeds that Reeder can find given the URL of the page showing the Boston category at the site I’m interested in:

So just “appending ‘.rss’ to the URL” gives me latest topics, not latest posts. Is there something else I can try? When you say “might be possible with a plugin” do you mean using an existing plugin (which one?) or by writing a new one?

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Ah, I see what you mean
The category RSS is of the OPs of its latest topics

To get latest posts you need to go to the topic’s feed eg.

None exist that I know of, but I think one could be worked up.

(Howard) #5

Right, and subscribing to each topic in my RSS Reader isn’t viable.

So, I’m not sure if this is a feature request or a bug report. Is the existing Latest Topics in a Category actually useful in some situations? I don’t think it is in my board’s case. Should it be changed to be Latest Posts in a Category (making this a bug report)? Or should a new URL be added to support this (making this a feature request)?

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Did this feature get developed? I too am very interested having it available.