RSS import (non discourse)

(mudmanc4) #1

Am I to assume there is no such means to import RSS feeds from external non discourse sites, scripts, entities of otherwise?

Yes I know, it’s been churned until it’s butter though I cannot locate a definitive answer. So forgive the post if it is located somewhere, I’ve dredged through a lot over the last several months here.

(Nick Gray) #2

I had that same problem trying to import steam RSS feeds. The answer is: no. You can only import RSS feeds from other discourse forums. Importing RSS feeds would require a plugin that doesn’t exist currently.

More information about my previous trials and tribulations here:

(mudmanc4) #3

Excellent thanks for the quick answer, and your post comes up with almost any search submission on the interwebz, which is why it’s a bit interesting no one has twitched their nose and produced a plugin as of late.

Trying to move away from some of these old worn out scripts, been toying with discourse for many months. news feeds are important to my current replacement.

(Nick Gray) #4

Good luck with it! I’ve been moving away from ruby lately heading to python development so I kind of gave up on a RSS import feature. If you come up with something, feel free to share. I’ll pimp your plugin!

(Tarak'ha) #5

If I may offer a gentle push in a direction?

This sounds like something you can do with an external script that has an API key set in it instead of a plugin. Something similar to magpie would theoretically do all the work querying the feeds you want (via cron job) to check out and then set it up as you want it posted to Discourse. If the ‘last modified’ date is different from the last check then it grabs what is new and uses some curl magic to post to Discourse. Here’s a good start into the API side of things. This folder of the discourse_api github repository has all the API endpoints available. If you want a new topic for every item pulled from RSS then you’d want to check out create_topic in topics.rb.

Steps to follow to create a (Content Aggregator) plugin, that creates topics from different RSS feeds
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