RTL user interface issues with navigation window

(Noneck) #1

On talk.developersquare.net, we are developing a RTL forum. In the most recent code release, I see that the hamburger derived navigation window doesn’t flow from the left. When you select an RTL language, the navigation buttons moves to the left, but the navigation window does not.

@eviltrout told me I should ping @Simon_Cossar and engage on these issues. here are a few screenshots. let me know if there is anything else I should report or monitor…

(Simon Cossar) #2

On the current master branch everything should work. This forum (meta.discourse) is up to date. Can you try setting your language preferences on here to a RTL language and see if it works as expected?

(Noneck) #3

@Simon_Cossar GROOVIE! It works.

(Kane York) #4

“Earned” Welcome

Smells like a RTL bug? Or is that a translator artifact?

(Simon Cossar) #5

I think that’s from using a left-to-right language in a right-to-left layout. If the last character on a line is a punctuation mark it appears on the left instead of the right. I guess the assumption is that it’s ending a sentence.