Running Discourse with a separate PostgreSQL server



Anu reference or file need to be removed?


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I needed to run development discourse (set up following Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker ) using database from another container. To do so, I had to modify the installation steps as follows:

  1. git clone
  2. cd discourse
  3. vim config/database.yml , on the top of the file, make it into:
  prepared_statements: false
  adapter: postgresql
  #database: <%= ENV['DISCOURSE_DEV_DB'] || 'discourse_development' %>
  database: discourse
  username: discourse
  password: yourdbpassword
  host: postgres
  min_messages: warning
  pool: 5
  timeout: 5000
  checkout_timeout: <%= ENV['CHECKOUT_TIMEOUT'] || 5 %>
    ### Don't include the port number here. Change the "port" site setting instead, at /admin/site_settings.
    ### If you change this setting you will need to
    ###   - restart sidekiq if you change this setting
    ###   - rebake all to posts using: `RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake posts:rebake`
    - "localhost"
  1. vim bin/docker/boot_dev, find the line starting with docker run, and add a network definition matching the docker network to which your postgres container is attached to: docker run --network my-docker_network-name -d -p 4305:...
  2. ./bin/docker/boot_dev
  3. ./bin/docker/unicorn
  4. you may need to run migrations: docker exec -it discourse_dev /bin/bash -c "cd /src; ./bin/rails db:migrate RAILS_ENV=development"
  5. visit http://localhost:9292/ and log in with credentials you set up earlier on that database

Is there a simpler way to do it, just with environment variables?