RuntimeError after upgrading to beta8 (Ember 2.4)

(Alexander) #1

After upgrade to discourse-1.7.0.beta8 (from source) i get this error:

Showing /home/youwiki/discourse/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb where line #25 raised:
SyntaxError: unknown: Line 93: Key conflict with sibling node
Extracted source (around line #115): @output = klass.v8.eval(generate_source(scope))

Error with calling javascript_include_tag.

I add gem ‘coffee-script-source’, ‘1.8.0’ to gem file (javascript - Ruby On Rails errors with javascript_include_tag - Stack Overflow), but have not results…

Have you any ideas how to solve it?

Thanks for great engine!

(Sam Saffron) #2

That does not sound like a great idea.

Sounds to me like you have a plugin that is registering server side javascript extensions incompatible with latest Discourse.

Remove all plugins. Isolate the problem plugin.

(Alexander) #3


I have removed all non-default plugins (discourse-header-search), but still no positive results, the same error…:worried:

(Sam Saffron) #4

When you say removed, you mean you commented them out of your yml file and did a ./launcher rebuild app ?

What is your app.yml?

(Alexander) #5

I just remove a plugin folder from /plugins dir.
Ohhh, yes! Found it!!! Problem was in duplicate filter var in file /app/assets/javascripts/discourse/controllers/topic.js.es6: under beta8 it was:

  filter: {
    set(value) {
      const postStream = this.get('model.postStream');
      if (!postStream) { return; }
      postStream.set('summary', value === "summary");
      return postStream.get('summary') ? "summary" : undefined;
    get() {
      return this.get('postStream.summary') ? "summary" : undefined;


filter: null

I have not cleared old definition when update to beta8.

Sorry for my bad knowledge of English, Ruby and Rails, Js and Ember!..

Thank You for great Discourse!