S3 backups not appearing /admin/backups

I needed to free up some space so that I could perform an upgrade.

I had configured backups to be uploaded to S3 a number of months ago, but hadn’t checked for a while.

I was startled to discover that there were apparently no backups for the last three months (approx). I could not check the S3 bucket, but there were none on the local instance.

Oddly, after the upgrade, they have all magically returned. :confused:

currently running v2.2.0.beta7 +49.

There were some big changes in how S3 backups worked in the past several months. If this is your first upgrade in a while then that probably explains it.

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No, I’ve been upgrading pretty much as soon as things are released.

They are all on S3, however, so it all appears to have been working. :man_shrugging:

Please provide steps to reproduce if you see the problem again. I’m moving this to #support for now.