S3 settings in config file doesn't seem to work


I set up the s3 related settings such as DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET, DISCOURSE_S3_REGION and DISCOURSE_S3_USE_IAM_PROFILE in containers/app.yml file, and ran “launcher rebuild app” to rebuild it. After which, I tried to post a picture to the forum, but the picture isn’t uploaded to the configured s3 bucket.

I didn’t set the s3 related configs in the web interface (a.k.a. admin console).

My question is, is the admin console the only place to configure the s3 bucket? I see the s3 related settings listed in discourse/discourse_defaults.conf at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub but am not sure why it’s not working in my case.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Did you enter a key ID and acces key? Did you enable s3 uploads? I see far more settings then you listed when I search for s3.


Thanks for the hint. I did have to set DISCOURSE_ENABLE_S3_UPLOADS to true in containers/app.yml to make it work.