Safari reply loses edit focus after double clicking reply plus keyboard shortcuts

in Safari (at least) when i hit reply, the edit field loses focus after a split-seocnd, if i then type a few chars, it navigates away:

Safari for iOS you mean? I can’t repro this in Edge, Firefox or Chrome on Windows.

Safari on Mac. macOS 10.13.5, Safari 11.1.2 (ie latest release versions)

Can you repro this here @HAWK?

Very strange. I am not able to repro here on Meta using the same version of Safari on Mac OS.

Things I am noticing in the screen recording that might be worth noting as this gets sorted:

  • The composer first pops up as a reply composer, pauses, then changes into a new topic composer.

  • As soon as it switches to the new topic composer, the post that was originally targeted for the reply is given a highlight as if the j/k keyboard shortcuts were used.

Ok I was able to repro… Double click the Reply button, then press the j key followed by the c key.

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Nope, not on Safari 12 doing a normal reply.

I can if I follow @tshenry’s repro steps…


That happens because I type while focus is lost, so my keystrokes are (I think) interpreted as shortcuts that trigger that change.