SAML authentication proxy for Discourse SSO

(Кирилл) #1

As I failed to find any SAML auth implementation for Discourse, I’ve ended up writing my own: GitHub - kirushik/discourse_saml_auth_proxy: SAML Authentication proxy for Discourse SSO

It is written in Ruby (Grape+Goliath), really lightweight, stateless, and can be easily set up behind any nginx instance (configuration example included).


SSO with SAML (mod_shibboleth) and Flask
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(Jeff Atwood) #2

That’s great, we have had some requests for this! We may contribute back later.

(Andreas Kuckartz) #3

Will this be added to the Discourse distribution?

(Кирилл) #4

Hello, Andreas.

At the moment it’s a completely standalone thing. It’s licensed under GPLv3, so it is (and will remain) completely free to use and redistribute.

Please also keep in mind that this is not a Discourse plugin, but a standalone server — and I personally think that it will be a little bit confusing to mix it to the Discourse codebase, as it requires additional server process to monitor, additional nginx configuration to set up, and so on…