Scenario for using all caps in topic title

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I have a topic called “NFL 2014”, this displays as “Nfl 2014”. I can see other use cases such as “NBA 2014” or “NHL 2014”, etc.

I tried to un-checking title prettify preference from “Settings” > “Posting”, changing this preference gives me an alert saying “Title is invalid; try to be a little more descriptive”. Anyway to rectify this?

A plea to allow all caps topics and subject bodies

Agreed; there’s many situations where allowing caps in a title would be very helpful. UFO, NSA, FBI, NAFTA, etc.

(Mittineague) #3

Acronyms, yes.
But would it confuse things to expand them? eg.
National Football League, Unidentified Flying Object etc.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

For now, just add an additional word: NFL 2014 Topic, NFL 2014 Roundup, etc.


Are you suggesting people spell out acronyms in their titles? Or something else? That seems burdensome :ox:

(Adnan) #6

I was able to fix this based on @codinghorror’s suggestion. I added the word “Season” in “NFL 2014 Season”. That fixed it.

(Mittineague) #7

More burdensome for the topic creator, I agree.What I was getting at is more whether or not users might have more trouble finding the topic.


So, are there any changes planned on this matter?

Our French community wanted to create a topic on the video game “FIFA 17” and we struggled to find a decent workaround to make it work. We ended up using “EA Sports FIFA 17” which is unnecessarily long.

Thank you. :wink:


Check the option allow uppercase post it will work

I was able to use FIFA 17 as a title


My bad, it works as expected now. Strangely enough we already played with this setting before without success.

Anyway, thank you!

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