Scheduled topics being published on incorrect date & time

Hello -

Having some trouble with the topic timer publishing scheduled topics on the wrong date and time. This is not happening to all topics scheduled but it seems just the ones that are placed into drafts 2 weeks + prior to when it is scheduled to go live. Not sure if anyone else has been having this issue or if there is a solution. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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AFAIK it is based on the time zone of the user who does the scheduling. Have you checked that user’s profle to make sure it matches what the time zone they intense for publishing?


Hi @downey - The time zone is correct. The problem seems to be more of the thread going live at an incorrect date than what was scheduled.

Can we repro this @Simon_Cossar?

Are the topics being published at a later date than the date you have set? Is this happening consistently with topics that are set to be published 2+ weeks in the future?

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They are being published at an earlier date and not all of the posts created and scheduled 2 weeks before they go live are having this happen but a majority are.

Thanks for the details. One other thing I should have asked is, what version of Discourse is your site on? Unless your site is hosted by us, you should be able to see the version number near the top of your site’s admin dashboard.

When you schedule the topic, are you selecting one of the time period options that is given in the dropdown menu, or are you using the ‘Pick date and time’ option: