Scheduled Topics disappearing?

I scheduled 6 topics to go up over the next week. The first one was set for this morning. I confirmed them all before I left yesterday as the first was scheduled for this morning. When I double checked the topic this morning topics I’ve scheduled don’t appear in the staging area (Staff Category). When I go to recreate them, the system prompts me that the topic is there, but I cannot see it.

How do I see the scheduled posts?

**Update: the schedule posts are also not showing up in the latest posts.

Are there any errors in your logs related to this?


There are no errors in the log and it’s started happening again this week.

Just to confirm your shared drafts category is set to staff in site settings, and when you head to the staff category you don’t see the drafts?


Exactly! It’s happened a number of times. The first time, all scheduled topics were gone - I could search them and find them, but they weren’t showing up in Staff. This last time I couldn’t even search the drafts.