Screenshots for various sections of Discourse - for reference in Transifex

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This topic is a collection of screenshots of separate Discourse sections.
It is aimed mainly at translators.

These screenshots can be linked to from Transifex comments in order to add visual context, which should simplify the translation process.

The topic also serves as a map for quick visual reference of sections / pages in Discourse and their names.

Every little counts!

Once you insert a screenshot here and then link to it in a comment in Transifex, all translators will see it. So even a single screenshot in Transifex may simplify translation process for more than 10 people. Thank you for your contribution!


Adding screenshots

Please insert an image from your local computer or from clipboard so that it is immediately uploaded to the Discourse store and a direct link is shown, for example:

<img src="//" width="690" height="365">

Do not paste image urls linking to 3rd party hosting services as they won’t be uploaded immediately to the Discourse store and people may get a wrong screenshot link.

NB. If a section can be in different states, please make a separate screenshot of each such a state.

Using screenshots (e.g. in Transifex)

  1. Right-click on an image in this topic and choose Copy image URL:

  2. Now a link to the image is in your clipboard. It links to the Discourse store.

  3. Insert a link to a related comment in Transifex.

Topic Map Unfolded

Topic Map Folded