Script tags triggering 503

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This is the original post, it does not allow

< script type=“text/javascript”>alert(‘Script Tag!’) triggers a 503 when replying as a first post, but NOT after replies that contain a quote.

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alert('Script Tag!')

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Yeah, that’s my point :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t seem to reproduce this. Could you give more detailed steps? I’d like to get it fixed.

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This line on TDWTF issues the 503 on new topics/replies

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But it doesn’t here which is weird - can you access what the 503 error is? No idea what’s causing it.

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Just a joe blow user, so nope. Sorry.

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cc: @PJH

I’m sure he can :wink:

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Actually I can’t - my access to that server is restricted to any admin provided by the software - I don’t have access to the back end.

cc: @sam.

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I can check this out later, 503s should … in theory … trigger a an error in /logs

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@PJH fyi you still have access to logs… try

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I can not repro this on the onepost category, created a topic and replied with above Login to your account - What the Daily WTF? is this still happening?

I really wonder if this is a completely different issue, we get 503s these days on race conditions, if 2 users reply EXACTLY at the same time to a topic one may get a 503.

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