Search or filter for tag AND category

(John ) #1

Is there a URL querystring or some other magic to get a page that has, for example, all the ‘feature-request’ tags within the ‘coinbase-exchange’ category?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Try tag:feature-request category:coinbase-exchange

(John ) #3

Thanks, I had tried that with no luck. I turns out I need to use the ‘category name’ rather than the ‘category slug’, so it’s

tag:feature-request category:"coinbase exchange"

(se oli tonnin seteli) #4

Is there a reference for possible strings to use when searching or sorting?

(Sam Saffron) #5

There is search help, but it needs a refactor that allows plugins to also register tips.

Long term I see us doing a “on demand” type help thing that makes suggestions as you type to teach you.

(se oli tonnin seteli) #6

So what would the on demand system suggest user do when searching for visited topics with unread posts, or topics that have previously been acknowledged but don’t give out announcements etc.?

I’m not saying the search is bad, quite the contrary, finding topics with specific words is phenomenally good, but I’m interested in doing exact searches with technical qualities.