Search page can't search for users?

I type Wen (pseudo is WenRolland) in the search bar and it gives me the right user. But if I click on enter. There is no result. Weird?

This page can’t search for users :wink: (or tags, or categories…)

Try searching from

Oh ok than the traduction is not good. It says “rechercher des sujets, messages, utilisateurs ou catégories” that means “search topics, messages, users or categories”??

It is simply copying the text from the inline search but it behaves differently.

Yeah exactly it behaves differently so why not just say search topics and messages and remove users and categories?

Sure @techapj can you add to your list, to use different copy here?

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Thanks! But maybe I didn’t understand perfectly. The search bar can find users but if I click enter, it gives me the page and from there, I can’t search users?

I think user search does work on full page search… you need to start writing username with @ in the front.

Or simply start searching for user in “Posted by” field.

That’s not search, that is autocomplete. We do need different copy here.


Updated the copy in: