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(Diego Barros) #1

When doing a search, I think it would be better to show a complete list of results, instead of in a small popup list, just underneath the entered search terms.

In other words, I click on the magnifying glass icon, enter a search term and hit enter, then the search results are shown in the same format as normal topic lists are (like it is in the Discourse home page). Like Google and Stack Overflow search results.

That way I get to see more information about the search results.

Frustrated with Search in Discourse
(Lowell Heddings) #2

I originally thought the same thing, but after using Discourse for a while, I really like the little popup as I can quickly click through a bunch of the search results, and the popup stays there.

I’ve also found it Extremely helpful for finding old topics to link back to while composing a new topic. I just search for the topic title name that I remember, right-click and copy the URL so I can paste into the composer. It’s soooo helpful for that - I’ve used it many times a day, every day. Would be a pain if it was on a separate page.

What I would prefer, would be to combine the ideas together and do this:

Because there are some times where I’d like to see more information about the topics, and that would be helpful.

(Diego Barros) #3

@geek I like your idea of combining them.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Before any of this our highest priority search wise is a “scoped” search and improving some internals. When you use the search box and are viewing a topic with 1000 posts in it, it should search the posts in the topic first, falling back to the rest of the forum.

A second area I would like to explore is paginating the index to increase the quality of the results. If post #1 has the word hello in it and post #2 has the word world in it, search should really find this topic, searching for “hello world”, google does.

Final area would be exploring soundex or metaphone.

I would like to focus all efforts on making the underlying search kick ass before giving you another ui to try and coerce the search to work well.

Frustrated with Search in Discourse
(Dave McClure) #5

Just came across this while I was about to create a new post on the subject. (Good news, I did find this topic using the search feature as is).

But I think that @geek 's idea is still worth considering doing as a first step @sam . Better algorithms would be great, but I think you’ll want another UI regardless in the end. After the first “show more” click, if you could search on an infinitely scrolling page using the same UI as all the topic list pages, you’d have a lot more information to tell if the topic is what you’re looking for before you click it. (first post date, last post date, number of posts, etc).

Plus, while I see the value in the current design, where you can search without changing contexts, being able to keep a tab open of your search results while you explore them is helpful and natural to everyone who has been trained over the years to use a search engine like Gooooogle.

Really think its worth considering doing the search results topic list page as step 1, and then algorithmic improvements as an ongoing project (it can always get better, just ask Google)

Frustrated with Search in Discourse
(Jeff Atwood) #6

Indeed it can get better! Just share some of Google’s operating budget with us to help make that happen! :smile:

(Bcguy) #7

Perhaps a better solution is to make it really easy to integrate google’s search into Discourse?

I would go for that in a second. I’m going to be using Google site search for my site anyway - so this would be a nice replacement for the native Discourse search feature.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

One weird trick (LOL) to get a Google search to work on your Discourse right now. Bring up a 404 page, so anything like:

Then type something into the search box there.

(Erick Guan) #9

Something I want to try is playing with ElasticSearch. To fix the full search problem in some circumstances.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Eventually there will be a full page search results for advanced searching, but right now we’re focused on making the existing inline search as useful as possible, first.

General philosophy being: if it ain’t on the first page (read: in the first 10-20 results), it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

(Sam Saffron) #13

work in progress will polish this some time in the next few weeks

(Sam Saffron) #14

Full page search is now implemented and working

(Sam Saffron) closed #15