Search strings with spaces produce 400 errors

(Michael Donelly) #1


We are using Amazon RDS to host Postresql and EC2 ubuntu in the same availability zone for forum hosting.
Upgraded discourse to the newest version today

Occasionally when I type in the search box on the home page of my forum it shows activity (circle turning) but does not return results. Has anyone else got experience of this?

(Michael Donelly) #2

Actually you know what? The search box on this forum does the same. I am using chrome on a windows desktop.

(Abhishek Gupta) #3

Yup, i also saw that, for others to see it ,

  1. Click on the search icon above
  2. Enter Five Spaces " " .
  3. Now wait and no results with turn up, neither the “No search results found” thing.

Using Chrome 32.0.1700.102 m @windows 7

It is a bug imo

(Luke S) #4

Duplicated. Chrome Developer tools says that it is getting an error 400, bad request. This also happens if you click away from the search box, and come back. (saved Search string is still all spaces) So far, it seems to be only spaces? I’ve tried with other ‘Whitespacey’ characters, and this only happens with spaces.

(Robin Ward) #5

Thanks, I have a fix in the pipeline for this:

(Jeff Atwood) #6