Searching for "where we are at" does not work

On our site we have a fairly important topic containing the words “where we are at” in the title. Searching for it shows no results - why? I know we have the min search terms set to 3 (default) which I’m sure is part of the reason. But is “Where” also on an ignore list somewhere as a common word? Shouldn’t it show at least some results?

Also, if no results are found because short words or ignored words are ignored, shouldn’t it indicate as much in the results, and maybe allow searching again including short words?

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ah. I can answer my own question by searching for common words, and coming across this post. “where we are at” are all on the stop words list and hence ignored in searches. Bypassing this, according to that topic is also hard and not worth doing.

Maybe the search results page should indicate something when this happens so the user doesn’t think discourse is broken. Something along the lines of “Note: Words with 3 letters or less and common words are ignored.”