Searching "Solved" posts

(Jenessa) #1

Hello! Thank you for all you do, I love using Discourse!

Please tell me if this is already a feature and I am just missing how to use it, but I would love a way to search the posts marked “solved” in our Discourse. It would be great if these posts popped up first when a user searched for something similar as well, or a way for users to see if there are any posts with their exact error that has been solved already.

Thanks again!

(David Taylor) #2

When searching, you can put in:solved to only show solved topics.

Unfortunately there is no way to make solved topics automatically show at the top


David, by data-explorer is it possible?

(David Taylor) #4

Yes, it is possible in data explorer.

You could use the badge/data-explorer queries in the plugin’s description as a starting point, although I don’t think there’s a query listed there that will simply list solved topics:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

You can also append ?solved=yes to a topic list URL to filter the view. For example, will filter the homepage to only show filtered topics. will show solved topics in the #support category.

(Tobias Eigen) #6

Is there a way to use search to show only unsolved topics?

Update: yes, there is. Just add in:unsolved to the search.

(David Taylor) #7

in:unsolved should do the trick I think.

You’ll probably want to search by category as well, as all normal topics are always “unsolved” if the discourse-solved plugin is not enabled on their category

Edit: I see you figured that our already :wink:

Seeing assigned topics in advanced search
(Tobias Eigen) #8

Thanks, David! I’m thinking more about messages anyway, so am exploring e.g. to show me the messages assigned to me that are solved vs unsolved. This works quite well:

in:messages assigned:tobiaseigen in:solved 
in:messages assigned:tobiaseigen in:unsolved

Now that messages can also be tagged by staff, I’d also want to add eg. tags:new+urgent to find all new, urgent messages that need handling.

Query for Unsolved Topics