See which emails are being sent

(Florian Beer) #1

We are seeing a radically increased amount of mails sent by Discourse each Friday. The email Digest setting is set to “never”. Could it be that > 3000 users have set their digest settings manually? Or what other emails could Discourse send out on that day?

What I’d like to be able is to see which messages are being sent out each Friday (subjects & recipients).

Another thought: could it be, that a lot of users still have the initial digest setting and changing it to “never” in the admin panel only sets it for users that register from that point on?

(Michael Downey) #2

AFAIK, there’s no way to do this in Discourse itself, but if you’re using Mandrill as many here do, you can get a report from there.

Update: If you go to and filter by “digest” you can confirm whether or not any digests are actually going out.

(James Milligan) #3

I’m pretty sure that’s correct, it’s a default for new users. Therefore, you’d need to get users to change the setting themselves if they don’t want the digest, or change it through the database for everyone.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Correct. You need to run a database query to change the setting for older users.

(Florian Beer) #5

Could you maybe help me construct a DB query to get the count of people having digest turned on at the moment?