Selectable Font Family Component

(Chaboi 3000) #1

Ever wanted to change your font family? By downloading this theme component, you can easily select which font-family you want to use. Currently, there’s only Helvetica, Roboto, Georgia, and Monospace as selectable themes, but I plan to add more. :smile: Admins can configure the default font-family in the theme settings.


If you are interested in using this theme component:

  • Copy then go to admin > customize > themes > import > web then paste the link.
  • Click Import
  • Select the main theme(s) that users can use and add the component to each theme and you’ll see the theme component in action!
(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think this would be a bit better if it let you choose a few fonts that were simultaneously active

  • title / header
  • body
  • code font (monospace)
(Chaboi 3000) #3

Ahh, thanks for the feedback. I wanted this to be a general font selection, not a “choose where and what” component. This might be a good inspiration for possibly another component. Thanks for idea though Jeff.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Right but you haven’t really given people a complete choice of font, have you? Monospace (code) will still be default.

(Chaboi 3000) #5

I made a setting where you can choose between around 7 default themes. Maybe I should make it so users can use their own fonts.