Selecting a subcategory, sort order in category selector?

Hi everyone.

This is my first post.

My question is regarding the scrolldown menu when creating a new post.

I just made five new sub-categories under a “parent category”.
These 5 next to the red arrow.

Now this works all fine.

However,when i create a new Topic and i would like to enter in which of these sub-categories the Topic has to be put, those are all shown completely at the bottom of my scrolldown menu. And not directly under the parent category.

Now how can i make sure those sub-categroes are put directly under the parent categery in de drop down meny. If they are all the way down, people just select the parent categroy ( in this case Hand histories) instead of the right sub category.

I hope i made myself clear somehow.

If not please let me know i will explain somehow else

Thanks for your help in advance!


Hi Luuk,
What you are describing is how it should work.


What order is the dropdown displaying on your instance?