Selecting A User Card Badge

(Brian Lee) #1

Continuing the discussion from User Card Badge concept:

User Card Badge concept:

Hello I am new to Discourse and was wondering how I am able to change the badge. In my preferences I get…

Deprecate "User card badge"?
(Brian Lee) #3

Maybe I just need a cooler badge than what I have acquired so far. @codinghorror says it can also be an image so I am not sure how to change it.

The reason why I am asking is because when I set up my forum I would like the users to be able to pick a title so other users know who they are as opposed to earning a badge.

(cpradio) #4

It is a per badge setting. Here at Meta, only certain badges can be set to appear on the User Card. Same with your local installation, you can choose which badges can appear on the User Card.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

This feature (among others) definitely need better explanations though. The Discourse Preferences panel is starting to become reminiscent of the VBulletin options-spree.

(SketchUp Community Manager) #6

You say that one can “choose which badges can appear on the User Card”, unfortunately I cannot see that feature anywhere. Would you be able to point me in the right direction?

(cpradio) #7

Admin > Badges, select a badge, make sure the User Card Icon?.. is set, otherwise, it won’t show up as an option

(Rick Cogley) #8

Yeah, this is confusing. It should be hidden if there is nothing to select, or, mention that when you earn a badge of type {allowed badges list}, then you can select them here.

(Love Chopra ) #9

@cpradio there is no option User Card Icon under Admin > Badges, select a badge

(cpradio) #10

I can’t think of the exact name, but there is a spot for the icon image/font-awesome class name.


Admin ->Badges
and select one of the badges and fill in the Image field, then the badge will automatically show up when you select “User Car Badge” in your preferences.

(Tom Bartlett) #12

Thanks @chuanjin - didn’t know we had to use the image field to allow the badge to be selected for user card badge.

@cpradio - is this the only place the badges ‘image’ field in admin>users is output into the views? If so, perhaps this could be renamed to “User Card Image” with additional hint text saying “if defined, you can select this badge as a User-Card badge” or similar?

The feature is pretty cool, but sorta cryptic.

(cpradio) #13

To my knowledge, yes.

Sounds logical

(Julia C) #14

I’m running into similar issues here.

I can’t seem to select a badge under Profile > Preferences > User Card Badge. There are no options. This is on a normal member page:

In the admin side of things I can create a badge that I want users to be able to select for their profile and user card, but I can’t see an option so it can be selected as a user card badge:


(Kane York) #15

This feature was removed in the latest release and is now only available via a plugin.

(Julia C) #16

Ah, thanks for the advice, do you know the name of the plugin?

(Mittineague) #17

Might this be the one?