Selecting new message in Slack "post transcript", slackbot returns an error

When I use the /discourse post slash command and then choose some other starting message from the dropdown, slackbot responds with this message:

Darn – that didn’t work (error message: 500_service_error). Manage the app at

However, if I then click the “Click here to draft a post on Discourse with a transcript” link, it does start with the message I chose, so in fact, it all seems to be working.

But the error message is still confusing…


Anything in your server logs?

I didn’t see anything in the logs shown in the admin UI.

It’s a hosted instance, so I don’t have access directly to other logs.

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@mcwumbly, what timezone is the 10:21 in the screenshot above? I can take a look.


That’s Pacific Time from yesterday evening (about 14 hours ago).


Same error here, but the transcript works perfect :thinking:

I’ve created the Slack integration following this steps and I’m on a hosted by Discourse :discourse: site :slight_smile:

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Should be fixed by